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Principles of Good Marketing


1. Good marketing creates competitive advantage.

Customer time and money is always in limited supply, so all products have competition. Products that acquire the most customer attention and clearly differentiate their unique value are best equipped to outperform their competitors.

2. Good marketing drives meaningful action.

The most important task of marketing is to create growth for an organization. Growth requires action from customers. The more meaningful the action, the bigger the impact. Marketing without meaningful action is noise.

3. Good marketing is honest.

It does not rely on tricks, bullying, or manipulation to achieve results. It presents the product honestly and always delivers exactly what it promised. In today’s connected world, organizations cannot afford poor reputations.

4. Good marketing is scientific marketing.

It is measurable, testable, and born of research. Performance is quantifiable. It lacks ego and defers judgement to results instead of personal preference.

5. Good marketing is efficient.

It endeavors to generate zero waste by using as little time, money, effort, space, attention, and natural resources as possible. This is achieved by appealing to the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, on the right medium. In this way, good marketing is also considerate of the consumer and the environment.

6. Good marketing creates value.

It becomes helpful to the consumer by providing timely information which makes decision-making easier. Marketing that is unhelpful is unwanted. Marketing that is unwanted is spam. Spam has no value.

7. Good marketing has longevity.

Popular technology and marketing mediums change frequently, while human biology remains constant. Primary needs, desires, and behavior never go out of style. Especially in today’s noisy world, marketing strategy rooted in the fundamentals of human motivation will outlast the cacophony of shallow marketing attempts.

8. Good marketing is customer-first.

It emphasizes value from the customer’s perspective over information about the product. It anticipates and addresses the logical, emotional, and aspirational needs of the customer. Features help the customer understand a product, benefits enable the customer to understand why they should care.

9. Good marketing is respectful.

It does not intrude where it is not wanted. It leaves when asked. It should only be seen by potential customers. Marketing en-masse is disrespectful, wasteful, and damages public perception of marketing.

10. Good marketing is only as good as the product it markets.

It cannot make up for a poorly conceived product that does not address a legitimate market-need. A product that resolves a real and sizable market demand is the surest form of good marketing.